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We are committed to your Organization's success. Our state-of-the-art services offer key enablers that complement your strengths.

Web Design & Development

Web Design & Development

Our team has had over 20 years' experience developing Websites, through the vastly changing technologies. We specialize in Microsoft .NET custom websites, assistance with setting up and managing WordPress, and maintaining sites developed with PHP.

Technology Management & Strategic Planning

Technology Management & Strategic Planning

Whether you need help managing hardware, software, subscriptions, or technology usage - or need help setting long-term Goals & Objectives to implement your strategic vision, we can provide the expert advice you need, tailored to your Organization.

ICO & Crypto Coin Marketing

ICO & Crypto Coin Marketing

Does your Organization's Value Proposition position it to leverage an Initial Coin Offering? Do you have something behind an ICO besides a fly-by-night fad? Do you have the right financial management strategy to produce an upward valuation in the market? We can help you decide whether or not to issue an ICO, advise how to go about doing it, and assist with the execution.

Cryptocurrency Stake Pool Setup & Operation

Cryptocurrency Stake Pool Setup & Operation

We developed groudbreaking technologies and techiques, like Node in a Box℠ and Staking Pool With Swimlanes℠ to allow you to leverage Staking Pools With the Cardano network, we can set up your own "bank" and have your donors stake their own money in your pool. You pick how much of the interest earned is paid out to donors, how much to you. And just for running part of the network, you get paid based on the size of your staking pool. It's a win-win-win!

Cryptocurrency Education

Cryptocurrency Education

From free webinars to paid courses through partners, The Parallel Revolution wants to make sure you have the knowledge to confidently navigate the Cryptocurrency landscape. How do you interact with exchanges? What are coins, tokens, and non-fungible tokens?

About Us

Our Mission: To help other organizations leverage Cryptocurrencies to enable new revenue streams and new means of transacting business.

We are passionate about Non-Profits. Having run and contributed to many ourselves, we believe in your cause – and we are prepared to support you in every way. We are passionate about Cryptocurrencies, the decoupling they offer from any government or agenda-managed control of fiat currencies, and the freedom they offer. However, after participating in Bitcoin, Etherium, and others for years, we believe the scientific approach, with ground-up foundational design incorporating lessons learned and best practices, is the right approach - and Cardano is the network that is doing it. We back their efforts to democratize currencies, and free us from the yoke of human agenda-based controls. Our business model offers services to get normal people and businesses into the Crypto age, with real-world solutions we have had decades providing in other areas.

The Parallel Revolution Staking Pool

Help support our mission to build out the Cardano network by involving Non-Profits, while making money! Staking your Ada currency is just smart business - when you stake, you support the organizations you choose while earning interest on your stake. You also take your tokens out of circulation temporarily, thus increasing the value of all tokens.

Ticker Symbol:


Stake Pool Address:



approximately 3% interest

Why PLL:

The Parallel Revolution is all about building a parallel financial system, using our strengths and resources to help each other build a better world. Non-Profits are out to support a better future, and we are passionate about enabling them to go further. We will donate 5% of total staking profits each month to a charitable Non-Profit working to better the world.

How Payouts Work:

The Cardano network consists of hundreds of nodes that provide processing of blocks on the blockchain. Our node is one of them. For operating, we get paid a fee for everything we contribute. In addition, we stake our tokens to our pool - and you can stake your tokens there as well. As the pool nears saturation, and as blocks are produced via our node, you and we both earn interest on our stakes each epoch (5 days). Your stake earns you interest, and earns us money to fulfill our mission to involve professional actors in the Cryptocurrency ecosystem. It also further decentralizes the network as it grows, making it impossible to interfere with or bring down.

Put Our Team To Work For You

We know the technology, we know how to leverage and market it - contact us now to discover how we can use it to enable your vision for a brighter future!

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